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Challenges in Nutraceuticals and Food Trials:

Nutraceuticals | Functional Foods

Food products are consumed for a feeding purpose or for the benefit of health maintenance and wellbeing. They are composed of nutrients (such as proteins, carbohydrates, fats, fibres, sodium, vitamins and minerals) and/or of other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect, such as botanical substances.

Nutraceuticals are specialized food products specially formulated in view of fulfilling specific nutritional or physiological purposes. Some are specifically formulated to meet the needs of specific population groups. Others, based on a specific formulation or on demonstrated effect(s), they can claim their particular characteristics through nutrition and health claims. Foods can provide non-therapeutic health benefits such as reduction of a risk factor in the development of a disease or significant content of a substance related to the growth, development and normal functions of the body. Some categories of Nutraceuticals belong to dedicated regulatory statuses such as dietary/food supplements, foods for special medical purposes (= Medicinal Foods) or foods for specific populations such as infants.

Key challenges encompass


Science-based, global product development strategy and planning
Nonclinical and Clinical Development